An Invitation to Experience…the Joy of Mindful Living!

Benaz’s Mission:

To remind YOU of how magnificent and unique you are and to
empower you to live a life filled with JOY!

Recently I looked back and realized that my challenges in life, have been a blessing, to start me on the path of self-discovery and to change my life from the inside out. Today I realize the changes I made to a new way of living, including the practice of Mindfulness and journey of Self-discovery made me more joyful and at peace.

This shift in perspective transformed my difficulties into ease and well-being no matter what the outer circumstances were. This transformation brought me spiritual liberation from being fearful and worried to hope. Now as a Mindfulness life coach I am offering inspirational programs.

My vision is to teach and coach Self-Empowerment and Mindfulness to individuals and organizations in order to see the transformation in their personal and professional lives.

I am inviting you to work with me to realize who you truly ARE. I am sure that you will see empowerment in your personal life by cultivating awareness and prosperous mindset.

There is power in numbers. The idea is to come together to plant a seed for a better world and with a mutual intention to have profound impacts on each of our lives, our communities, and our universe.

Warm regards,

– Benaz

Mindfulness Executive Coach

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelou


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Dear Benaz, Thank you for the conversation about awareness, presence, forgiveness, and the heart. Thank you for being willing to bless others with your experience, knowledge, and your path. Thank you...Blessings-Sean
Time with Benaz connected so many dots and was worth every minute of my time.I would recommend a complimentary session. Benaz meets people where they are and customizes discussions and direction based on what a person is looking for or needs. She is real and truly cares about people. Her ability to adapt and modify as we went along made the time spent priceless.I don’t think there is anything I would have liked to be done differently. I was very happy. All hesitations melted away with the comforting cup of tea and smile at the door.Benaz is a life coach that truly cares about people. She will help with whatever it is your need. Numerous times I clarified what I heard in my own words and experiences, and she adapted to make the discussion fit for what resonated with me. Simply Superb!
In the world I've been exposed too, it's hard to believe anything is free. I was concerned when I showed up for the session, Benaz would have a hard sell and push me into buying something I couldn't afford. When she offered me this option, she repeated herself and looked me in the eye. I trusted her, and that's what made me comfortable. In addition, my intuition told me it would be good; I am glad I listened.The ideas and pointers Benaz has given me, made me pause in my daily life when things happen, or thoughts come to my mind. Her advice has given me a new way to look at things that feel good, and I am looking forward to the months ahead of using these techniques.The thoughts Benaz shared resonated with me. Those moments of connecting with an idea or even better a person are wonderful. I enjoyed the ah-ha moments and the way she helped me connect several ideas that I have been reading and studying...Continue
Thank you Benz for sharing your path and wisdom. Such a warm and informative connection and gathering...Comment from monthly gathering.
You were very helpful to me. Reminding me of many things I'd forgotten. Thank you so much! Comment from monthly gathering.
Loved our meeting and getting to know Benaz! Thank you for an inspiring night...Comment from monthly gathering.
THANKYOU Benaz for your gift in words of wisdom. I will try hard to practice mindfulness using the very simple tools you gave us. I really appreciate your time spent to teach us....Comment from monthly gathering.
Thank you Benz for sharing your path and wisdom. Such a warm and informative connection and gathering....Comment from monthly gathering
I always leave feeling lighter after leaving than before I came.....Comment from monthly gathering.
What a wonderful way to spend my evening. I really enjoyed the company and everything that was shared. I have even been able to put a couple of things into practice today. Looking forward to the next one.Comment from monthly gathering
I am so thankful for the complimentary session with Benaz. She is very attentive and insightful all the while giving no judgment about anything we discussed during the session. She shared some very useful information and gave me few new tools to try out as simple reminders to make mindfullness a priority as much as possible in every waking moment. It was reassuring to know the path I am on now is one which will lead to better harmony and understanding in the here and now. I look forward to sharing my progression with her in the future. I recommend to anyone to take the time and utilize this unique opportunity to speak with her and discover the tools she has to share.
"Benaz was great to work with. I was unsure of what to expect but was open minded before I began working with her. What I found was learning how to view situations objectively, less personally, and finding myself more grounded in the present moment. I was able to dedicate my mental energy to more positive goals in life, improve relationships, and develop more harmonious perspectives in all areas of my life. We worked through current personal situations and approached them differently from how I had in the past. I in turn, had great results.I would definitely recommend her to a friend or family member looking for a positive personal development in their life as well. "
Benaz is kind and compassionate; she is open-minded ad non-judgmental, respects privacy of not only her clients but also everyone around her. Through her excellent listening and questioning skills she motivate me to see bigger picture, focus on my goals by breaking them down into small steps and inspire me to find my true self!Thank you Benaz
Marisa S.
Dear Benaz,I just wanted to take a moment to express how much I enjoyed taking your class. I found your class incredibly informative. In addition, would highly recommend this course to anyone who is intrigued by his or her life journey. You are truly a standout teacher because of your sheer dedication to what you believe. Thank you for helping me to open and widen my understanding, and to strengthen the connection between mindfulness practice and my everyday life. With much gratitude,
Sierra K.
I was looking for help with my meditation, but got so much more with Benaz. She has taught me self-compassion and letting go of my expectations about how my meditation should be. She has shown me ways to increase my energy vibration and attract what I want more of in my life. I am now happier and more positive about life. Benz is very wise. It is evident that she has studied the teachings of many masters. She also draws from her personal experiences and shares what has worked with her own challenges. I feel very lucky to have her as my coach and teacher. I highly recommend Benz and know that anyone who has found their way to her will have a great experience and learn powerful techniques to live a more mindful and empowered life.
I first met Benaz several years ago during a workshop in downtown Portland. Even after all these years, her words keep revealing themselves in my day-to-day activities. It was a great experience to have met Benaz when I did and look forward to attending another workshop with her in the future.
Kristin J.
I can personally recommend taking a workshop with Benaz. She speaks directly from her heart to your heart and guides others along a path to truth and stillness-- gently, authentically, and passionately. It is clear that she believes in what she is doing and it is a gift to learn from her and the wisdom she shares in a thoughtful, accepting environment. A workshop with Benaz will stir your spirit and spark your growth.
Beth M.
Meeting Benaz was a life changing experience for me. Working with her as been transformative, in every facet of my life – personal, work, relationships. She is able to help me look at my stressful (and often very negative) thoughts/beliefs and work with them in such a way that my own wisdom emerges and I am able to let the stress/belief let me go. I am learning to love and take care of myself for the first time. Thanks to her guidance, I have manifested my goals. I wish I could just roll her up and carry her around in my pocket. Life would be so much easier if I could have a daily dose of her energy and healing. I am forever grateful for her willingness to pass along her wisdom.
Gabi H.