Loving What Is?

Posted by on Nov 1, 2014 in Blog

Loving What Is?

What does it mean to accept this moment as it is? How does it help us in our path of spirituality?

Isn’t it a fact that by embracing our challenges as they come, we fall back into the state of our being?

When we see ourselves confronted with the challenges of life, we are having an argument and wanting it to be different from what is. In fact, there is a state within us that always embraces life. This state is always at peace with what is, no matter how the situation may be—from this state of being, life is happening, and there is a sense of conviction.

By not accepting our situation and getting angry, reactive and judgmental, we look at the situation from a totally different perspective. From the state of chaos, we create more argument because the energy that we put out will bring more of the same thing. We feel our life is constantly bringing us nothing but disappointments.

By coming into alignment with the source of our Being we perceive and interact differently. We trust that the universe has the best of intention for us, and this situation as bad as we are perceiving it, is a stepping stone to a higher level of consciousness. Our desire causes all the component of the law of attraction to bring about Creating A Life We Love, Mindfully.

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