Mindfulness and the Compassionate Mind

Mindfulness and the Compassionate Mind

6-Week Mindfulness Program to Cultivate Clarity, Compassion & Well-Being

Today I am honored and privileged to introduce you to a powerful practice called Mindfulness. By practicing just a few minutes each day you will experience less stress, greater vitality and greater happiness in life.

As you practice, the sense of peace, calmness, and serenity you achieve during the sessions will remain with you throughout the day. You will find that your mind is peaceful, fully focused and more creative.

You will also realize long-term benefits too, such as increased brainpower and better health. It all starts by establishing yourself in Mindfulness. As you are walking on the Mindfulness path to Mindfulness Self-Compassion you will realize that what you are doing is not only benefiting you but also the acquaintances you interact with every day—and even the people who your acquaintances interact with in a ripple effect, giving you a much greater sense of meaning and importance.

Please join “Circle of 1000: Mindfulness and the Compassionate Mind” and cultivate awareness into all areas of your life and enjoy the short and long-term benefits of Mindfulness. You will form new lifestyle habits and make changes to your brain that will have lasting effects.

This 6-week Mindfulness Course is customized based on what matters most to you based on your difficulties and challenges. I will offer guidance, support and training on your remarkable journey, something that self-improvement and spiritual books alone might not be able to offer.

I look forward to helping you to find your own unique path to creating a life you love, mindfully, and can’t wait to be a part of this AWESOME journey.

6-Week Mindfulness Program

Cultivating State of Mindfulness a Life Changing Practice.
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Consider working together if you are looking for ways to bring these changes to your life:

  • Living more fully in the NOW moment and not worrying about your future and being regretful about the past.
  • Changing your habitual and reactive patterns.
  • Lowering your stress level when faced with challenging situations.
  • Being more focused and attentive at work or school and improving overall performance.
  • Dealing with difficult emotions.
  • Being less judgmental and instead more loving to oneself and others.
  • Building a better relationship with food and, as a result, your desired or ideal weight.
  • Realizing what holds you back from your true potential.
  • Letting go of old beliefs that are not helping to direct energy to what is most desired.
  • Enhancing the ability to relax and cope with pain and stress.
  • Practicing meditation with the help of the structure and guidance from a teacher to establish you in the practice.
  • To become clear-minded and enjoy life a lot more.


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