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If you want the truth,
I’ll tell you the truth:
Listen to the secret sound,
the real sound,
which is inside you.”
― Kabir

Do not go to the garden of flowers!
O Friend! go not there;
In your body is the garden of flowers.
Take your seat on the thousand petals of the lotus,
and there gaze on the Infinite Beauty.
– Kabir

Listen to the secret sound, the real sound, which is inside you.
The one no one talks of speaks the secret sound to himself,
and he’s the one who has made it all.
– Kabir

But if a mirror ever makes
you sad
you should know
that it does
not know
– Kabir

When you really look for me, you will see me instantly,
you will find me in the tiniest house of time
– Kabir

I Said To The Wanting-Creature Inside Me

I said to the wanting-creature inside me:
What is this river you want to cross?
There are no travelers on the river-road, and no road.
Do you see anyone moving about on that bank, or nesting?

There is no river at all, and no boat, and no boatman.
There is no tow rope either, and no one to pull it.
There is no ground, no sky, no time, no bank, no ford!

And there is no body, and no mind!
Do you believe there is some place that will make the
soul less thirsty?
In that great absence you will find nothing.

Be strong then, and enter into your own body;
there you have a solid place for your feet.
Think about it carefully!
Don’t go off somewhere else!

Kabir says this: just throw away all thoughts of
imaginary things,
and stand firm in that which you are.

– Kabir

I laugh when I hear the fish in the water is thirsty.
– Kabir

Sing such a song with all of your heart
that you’ll never have to sing again.
– Kabir

If I make the seven oceans ink, if I make the trees my pen, if I make the earth my paper, the glory of God cannot be written.
– Kabir

Listen to me brother! bring the
vision of the Beloved in your heart
– Kabir