Mindfulness at Work

Mindfulness at Work

Bringing Well-Being, Creativity and Performance Back to Work and Turning a Workforce into an Amazing Team

For the past decade, we have been bombarded by technology and information, which have sped up the pace of living. There are more demands on our time than ever before. More things to do, more options, more decisions to be made which make us more overwhelmed and frustrated, causing us to worry and feel confused. Even at work, we are often multitasking and dealing with stressful situations, thus stopping our productivity and creativity Could you imagine being at work and truly feeling fully connected to yourself, your colleagues, and your task?

Can you picture yourself being mindful of the present moment and performing well under stress while still connected to the source of the creativity, solutions, and performance? This is possible when we learn to establish the right relationship with our own thoughts, emotions, and reactions to stressful situations and learn how to use our brain and mind in a more effective way. Integrating Mindfulness at the workplace is having a new resource for your ideas, which brings out the genius within us and puts it at work for the benefit of all.

A Mindful Approach to Work and Managing Stress:

Everyone experiences stressful days at work, but how we respond to stress makes a significant difference in work performance, the quality of our interactions, and how we feel both physically and mentally. The Mindfulness in the Workplace program trains participants to recognize stress, as well as the sources of stress. It also teaches the difference between reaction and response, and shows how a steady mindfulness practice can help individuals to respond to work and life situations in a calm, clear, and thoughtful manner.

Mindful Living, a 6-Week Transformational Program at Work

Workshops and training for executive teams, corporate leaders, businesses, and non-profit organizations.
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Mindful Leaders: Leading with Compassion and Insight

Mindfulness enables leaders to become more empathetic, resilient, and effective by managing their own state of mind and reactive patterns. As a result, these leaders build and manage the better business model that is the result of clear vision and mission. Integrating qualities such as awareness, equanimity and self-observation, which are the results of practicing Mindfulness, equips leaders with the skills needed to focus on complex challenges with clarity, creativity, and a NEW perspective. Great leaders are trusted by people around them and are effective with their action. They have a high level of care and concern for their associates and take an active interest in the well-being and development of themselves, as well as the group as a whole.

By taking the Mindful Leadership in Workplace program, individuals learn to align themselves with their values and priorities and develop a keener focus and enhanced creativity, in order to live the life they envision at work and in their personal life. They learn skills such as Mindful Listening and Mindful Speaking to improve Mindful Communication. This is the key to any successful relationship instead of pretending.

Our leadership program is available as a one-hour introductory session or customization to lengths up to a half or a full day. The program can be delivered on a one-to-one basis or to groups.

Benefits of Mindfulness at Work:

  • Greater well being that results in reduced absentees
  • Kicking bad habits and creating space for new possibilities and meaningful life
  • Improved cognitive functionality such as memory, concentration and learning ability
  • Building confidence despite fear and lack of self-esteem
  • More effective communication and improved job satisfaction
  • Enhanced creativity and stronger leadership skills aligned with clear vision and mission
  • Greater teamwork by realizing individual potential that results in overall job satisfaction
  • Improved ability by working with difficult emotions which enhances employer/employee and employee/client relationships
  • Greater awareness of personal stress and pain and the ways to prevent or manage it
  • Increased stability during periods of change in relationship, health issues or loss in personal life, which effects performance at work
  • The ability to choose appropriate reactions to make smart decisions
  • Breaking old habitual patterns of behavior which will result in vitality and happiness

Major employers who have integrated mindfulness into the workplace

Aetna International
American Red Cross
Ameriprise Financial
AOL Time Warner Inc.
Apple Computers
AstraZeneca Phar
BASF Bioresearch
Cargill Inc.
Deutsche Bank
Ford Motor Company
General Mills, Inc.

General Motors
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Hale and Dorr
Hearst Publications
Hughes Aircraft
Kaiser Permanente
Lucent International
Nortel Networks
Pacific Investment Management Company

Procter and Gamble
Promega Corporation
Purtian Bennett
Texas Instruments
Toronto City Hall
United Health Care