Power of Visualization

Posted by on Dec 1, 2014 in Blog

Power of Visualization

What is it about the practice of visualization that is so powerful?

As we meditate, the mind gets quiet and goes to the state of deep relaxation called Theta. In this state, our mind becomes still and in tune with the source of our being, which is creative. Therefore, the mind becomes a cooperative component to manifest the object of our visualizations, dreams, and goals.

When we visualize a desire or goal that we long for, we paint a picture for the subconscious mind to perceive.  When we envision our desire with more details, like how it looks and more importantly how it feels, we give more and more information to our subconscious mind to start working with a vivid plan.

Like giving an architect a plan of a building that has all the details, visualization is a direct communication of the subconscious mind with the source of our being that loves to create and to bring about the reality of that desire.

It is our birth right to Create A Life We Love, Mindful. By coming into alignment with the source of our Being and utilizing the creative visualization, is one of the tools and components that makes this creative process possible.

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