Private One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Private One-on-One Coaching Sessions


Private One-Day Intensives:

1 Day Intensive – Includes 8 hours of one-on-one coaching sessions plus email support.( Payment plan is available)

Includes a 30-minute kick-start session a day before the Intensive.
This intensive is also available in two consecutive days in a row.
To be a client in a private intensive is one of the most profound gifts you could give yourself. Why? When you consider that most of us have been living with our unconscious mind, on auto pilot and beliefs that we are not even aware of, it makes sense to take a day or two out of life to know ourselves for the first time. It is a great gift to slow down, give yourself love and compassion in a new ways, and manifest your dream from a new vision.

From this authentic place, your dreams start to manifest, and life become joyful.
From experience, I know what a blessing it is to receive guidance and wisdom that is needed to empower ourselves beyond our wildest imagination.
As a Mindfulness Life Coach, I provide a comfortable and safe environment. I get to work with you in the present moment. I will coach you from the place that is aligned with who I am, which in a way helps you to see your greatness, empowerment and realize your unique gift beyond the story that you have been telling yourself. This day is an opportunity for you to reach higher levels of clarity, awareness, proficiency and finding answers to your questions.

You get to see an expansion and NEW self. These transformations are always extraordinary.
I facilitate destination-intensives around the world with diverse clients and pre-selected peaceful destinations to manifest the highest desire of the heart.

Please consider talking this intensive one-day program:

  • If you don’t know what you want from your life, yet have a deep desire to know what is it that you are looking for in an effort to share your gifts and talents with others.
  • If you need guidance to realize the deep sense of who you are; and create prosperity in all areas of your life from that source of abundance.
  • If you want to shift your understanding from being a victim to empowerment.
  • If you want to feel joy and bliss, and gain your freedom back from being regretful of past and worry about future.

Let us celebrate your profound transformation together!
Your ONE-DAY PERSONAL INTENSIVE will be scheduled during the week, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST. Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

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Introduction Program:

One Month Program – Includes 4 weekly 60 minute sessions plus email support. ( Payment plan is available)

This is the entry point into your transformational process; where you may need solutions to implement or just to check things out. You will receive the necessary guidance, support, and action plan to get the proper result based on the reality of where you are in life. It is a quick adjustment to specific goal or challenge to improve the quality of your life.


Intermediate Program:

Three Months Program – Includes 12 weekly 60 minutes sessions plus email support. (Payment plan is available)

This program is a turning point for you. You are making the commitment to take yourself to the next level and see serious growth and your issues to be resolved. You also get support and time with challenging circumstances and deep issues that you might need more help.

In the first 6 sessions, you utilize new skills and tools to become aware of the deep-seated beliefs that are holding you back and causing problems. You learn how to face your challenges and resolve your concerns as you gain more insight and a new perspective as you grow. These changes take time, and they need to become new habits that are now helping you reach your desired goals. By becoming more in tune with your true self, you start living life with joy and ease and creating a life that you joyfully love.
You will cultivate new awareness and receive guidance, homework and action plan to help you surpass your transformation aligned with your highest core values.

You will receive the benefit of extensive, in-depth work that supports your evolution that is above and beyond what short sessions can accomplish.
You will learn how to design consciously your life as an empowered Being and how to live a life filled with passion as you begin to impact others.


Deep Transformation:

Six Month Program – includes 24 weekly 60 minutes sessions plus email support. (Payment plan is available)

This program is designed to help you to achieve the most advanced inner work that is meant to be transformative and longer lasting. This is the most intensive program that provides an open and safe space to facilitate transformation and empowerment that needs your full commitment. It cultivates the awareness needed to create a shift, and focus to gain new wisdom and insights. By gaining insight, you will realize that it is no longer about the position you hold in today’s world but it is about the expansion of your conscious and how you see life from where your higher self sees it; from your unique passion that you hold in your heart. This is the true impact that you are looking for yourself and people in your community.

You will take the first steps on a journey from where you understand and comprehend things intellectually, and shift your perspective to your Higher Self. This is done by integrating the new realization of the Truth of your being in all areas of your life. The programs offered by Benaz provide guidance, insight, and experience that is needed to bridging that gap and help you to find your place in the world for the first time!

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How We Connect

Mentoring or life coaching is confidential and done over the phone or through the internet using Skype video calls, so it feels like we are in the same room. You can be anywhere in the world and still be mentored or coached and receive on-going support.

Initially, we will have a 2-hour complimentary one-on-one coaching conversation over the phone or on Skype, so that I can answer any question you might have. Life coaching sessions range from 60 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on your needs and how much you want to invest in yourself; you may want to think of weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions. The choice is always yours.


**** Additional services are included such as check-in calls, texts, and emails.
**** Special discount for non-profit organizations and cancer survivors.

By working together & being mindful, you will:

  • Believe in yourself as a unique individual with infinite potential.
  • Become more conscious by living life mindfully, purposefully in harmony instead of on auto-pilot.
  • Realize your dreams, take inspired actions to achieve them.
  • Know that living a joyful life is your birthright and give yourself permission to experience it fully.
  • Realize the power of your subconscious mind and by being mindful you open yourself to more possibilities.
  • Develop self compassion for yourself and better relationships with others.
  • Identify your values and live by them to create a meaningful life.
  • Explore and examine any area of your life that you would like a shift in.

Start Being Mindful and Walk Your Journey…

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your journey. Contact me today for an over the phone life coaching complimentary session.

Service (Click Below to Open) Duration Location Next Step
Complimentary Discovery Session (Private) 2 hours Session Over the Phone or Skype CONTACT
Complimentary Discovery Session (Private: Non-Profit) 2 hours Session Over the Phone or Skype CONTACT

We will contact you in 24 to 48 hours after the payment has been made to schedule the event or coaching session.

Giving Back

Benaz is offering her services pro bono to selected organizations that are making differences in their community and are unable to afford the cost of the training.