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In the world I’ve been exposed too, it’s hard to believe anything is free. I was concerned when I showed up for the session, Benaz would have a hard sell and push me into buying something I couldn’t afford. When she offered me this option, she repeated herself and looked me in the eye. I trusted her, and that’s what made me comfortable. In addition, my intuition told me it would be good; I am glad I listened.

The ideas and pointers Benaz has given me, made me pause in my daily life when things happen, or thoughts come to my mind. Her advice has given me a new way to look at things that feel good, and I am looking forward to the months ahead of using these techniques.

The thoughts Benaz shared resonated with me. Those moments of connecting with an idea or even better a person are wonderful. I enjoyed the ah-ha moments and the way she helped me connect several ideas that I have been reading and studying…Continue