Thank you Benz for sharing your path and wisdom. Such a warm and informative connection and gathering...Comment from monthly gathering.
You were very helpful to me. Reminding me of many things I'd forgotten. Thank you so much! Comment from monthly gathering.
Loved our meeting and getting to know Benaz! Thank you for an inspiring night...Comment from monthly gathering.
THANKYOU Benaz for your gift in words of wisdom. I will try hard to practice mindfulness using the very simple tools you gave us. I really appreciate your time spent to teach us....Comment from monthly gathering.
Thank you Benz for sharing your path and wisdom. Such a warm and informative connection and gathering....Comment from monthly gathering
I always leave feeling lighter after leaving than before I came.....Comment from monthly gathering.
What a wonderful way to spend my evening. I really enjoyed the company and everything that was shared. I have even been able to put a couple of things into practice today. Looking forward to the next one.Comment from monthly gathering
I am so thankful for the complimentary session with Benaz. She is very attentive and insightful all the while giving no judgment about anything we discussed during the session. She shared some very useful information and gave me few new tools to try out as simple reminders to make mindfullness a priority as much as possible in every waking moment. It was reassuring to know the path I am on now is one which will lead to better harmony and understanding in the here and now. I look forward to sharing my progression with her in the future. I recommend to anyone to take the time and utilize this unique opportunity to speak with her and discover the tools she has to share.
"Benaz was great to work with. I was unsure of what to expect but was open minded before I began working with her. What I found was learning how to view situations objectively, less personally, and finding myself more grounded in the present moment. I was able to dedicate my mental energy to more positive goals in life, improve relationships, and develop more harmonious perspectives in all areas of my life. We worked through current personal situations and approached them differently from how I had in the past. I in turn, had great results.I would definitely recommend her to a friend or family member looking for a positive personal development in their life as well. "
Benaz is kind and compassionate; she is open-minded ad non-judgmental, respects privacy of not only her clients but also everyone around her. Through her excellent listening and questioning skills she motivate me to see bigger picture, focus on my goals by breaking them down into small steps and inspire me to find my true self!Thank you Benaz
Marisa S.