Creating Your Reality From The Intention You Are Holding

Posted by on Apr 1, 2015 in Blog

Creating Your Reality From The Intention You Are Holding
  1. First, get clear about what you want to manifest through quieting your mind for few minutes.
  2. Visualize your intention and feel a lot of positive emotion around it. Remember if you cannot infuse your desire with positive, strong emotions, then you know your desire is not real for you.
  3. Expect to receive validation that the intention has been acknowledged in forms of synchronicity, which is the way of the universe accepting and bringing all the right components together to manifest your desire.
  4. Trust and let go. You may get frustrated or bored or even be thinking, “why isn’t this working?” or “is something wrong with me”. Hold on to your intention and do not kill it too soon with your doubt or your old beliefs. You must know that it will work. It is a Law.
  5. As you are expecting the manifestation of your desire, come into an alignment by focusing and taking inspired, spontaneous actions. This path is called a path of less resistance.
  6. In no time, you feel that everything is coming together to support the manifestation of your desire. The main thing is to keep your logical mind from too much analyzing and from trying to control the process. Enjoy the creation process as it unfolds and achieve a great result with the least amount of time and energy.

Don’t give up! And always have an attitude of gratitude for Creating A Life That You Love, Mindfully.

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and Mindfulness Coach