What Love Has To Do With It?

Posted by on Feb 1, 2015 in Blog

What Love Has To Do With It?

Love is who we are, whether we realize it or not. When we are in love, we are in no argument with what is or life in that matter. We all have been there. We have been in love with a person, situation, or things. In this state, all is good, there is no lack and everything looks fresh and new.

What about if we don’t need something out side of ourselves to feel this love? What if we could live in this state of joy that is beyond the needs and wants and does not depend on something outside of itself?

From this state of love, we attract people and events that we want to share this love with.

It is powerful to love many things and seek out the goodness in others. In other times, it is so excruciating painful to be rejected that no one else can realize the suffering around it.  It is in those times that we try with all of our power to love ourselves and see our worth, exactly who we are.

Our state of being is love, with itself and others; it is a state of bliss. In this state, we are aligning with our true essence, and there is no confusion to separate us from who we are. When we see and perceive from this state of oneness—nothing can shake this knowing.  The energy of love creates the reality of our life. By being loving towards ourselves and others, our life starts to take a new turn and empowers us to walk on the path of peace, joy, liberation, and fulfillment. A path back to ourselves.

There is nothing close to the joy of realizing the essence of who we are and Creating A Life To Live, mindfully from this state. And it is a miracle to watch it as it unfolds.

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