What Is Good About Our Adversity?

Posted by on Mar 1, 2015 in Blog

What Is Good About Our Adversity?

Adversities are our treasures that show what we want and what we don’t want. They are the other side of the coin that displays the clear path to what we desire the most.

If there were no black, we would not see white.

If there were no sadness, we would not be aware of happiness.

If there were no fear, we would not realize how courageous we are.

When we face our adversities with the intention of discovering ourselves, then we are setting ourselves up to know who we are. Anytime we face obstacles in life; we should ask ourselves “What is it that I am supposed to know about myself?” “What quality could I find about myself?”

Adversities help us discover desirable potentials and build character. We grow stronger, more reliable, and consistently more resilient and creatively resourceful.

Open yourself to receive the answer that leads you to the path of self-discovery. By knowing who you are not, you realize who you are. This is a start of living a life consciously. It is a start of walking on the path of self-realization to freedom and liberation that empowers you To Create A Life You Love, Mindfully.

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