What Our Intention Has To Do With Creation?

Posted by on Jan 1, 2015 in Blog

What Our Intention Has To Do With Creation?

Our intention has everything to do with the process of creating reality.

Our intention is the force behind the creation, which gets inspired by the impulses from our higher self to Create A Life We Love To Live, Mindfully.

When there are no doubts, arguments, or self-sabotaging  beliefs, the intention supported with the of law of the universe, brings about all the components that are necessary to manifest the desire that is aligned with our highest good. It is only our old beliefs that tell us we are not worthy, or we don’t deserve it or it is not the right time and so on.

Our creative side loves to manifest.  It loves us to be a true expression of our unique personality and passion that is in tune with our higher self.  All we need to do is to allow the intention to run wild through our desires, Create A Life That We Love, Mindfully.

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